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"Turf Wars"

Daggermouth - "Turf Wars"

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12" Vinyl 
Release Date: March 13th, 2007


  1. Abracada Holmes
  2. Hawt Lixx
  3. Glendale Pd Hates Daggermouth
  4. Too Late No Friends
  5. This Is Chase Brennerman
  6. Hey Nelson, Go Jump on the Garbage
  7. Frisky Business
  8. Dan Don Get Off Youre F*****g Phone
  9. You Cant Soar Like an Eagle, When You Hang out with Turkeys
  10. Fact Mike Peecher Rollerblades
  11. You Do This as a Fad, We Do This as a Living

Pressing Information:

25 Wax Mage Variant
50 Party Monster Variant
150 Trans Fire Orange w/ Black Swirl (Smartpunk Exclusive)
275 Goldfish Variant
100 Custom Alternative Jackets By: Ampsock Custom Jackets
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