Collection: Jetty Bones

Emerging from a small town in Ohio, Jetty Bones is the musical endeavor of Kelc Galluzzo, who utilizes a core group of friends that help bring the project to life on stage. For what is technically a solo project with a full band mentality, this project is anything but the efforts of one person.
Channeling the band's namesake, Betty Jones, who broke out of her all girls’ catholic school to remove herself from a situation where she wasn't happy, this band exists to encourage people to rise above everyday situations and push for a life with better meaning.
Jetty Bones’ 2017 EP Old Women was a story of progress, growth, and the development of human connection - something often overlooked today. In a world so focused on outward appearances, Old Women takes you on a journey through one girl's mental and emotional attempts to attach to something in a more genuine way, that something being other people. Its brisk, contemplative followup, - (pronounced “hyphen”), is a bridge between Kelc’s journey to healthier interpersonal bonds and a future colored by close friends, As Jetty Bones still functions with Kelc’s crystal-clear delivery and racing thoughts at its center and a network of trusted musicians bouncing in the margins, - (hyphen) is a testament to Jetty Bones’ growth, depth, and warmth.