Telethon recorded their upcoming recordSwim Out Past The Breakers over the course of the year 2020. It was finished in early 2021. A lot of effort and human blood (our own) went into making it. Gene Jacket played nearly all of his keyboard parts with a broken wrist, which was obtained via botched drop-in on a quarter pipe. Kevin broke his glasses during the recording of this album while in a verbal brawl with Psycho J about the guitar solo in“Bad Dudes”. Gene miraculously used a Bic lighter to fix the glasses and they remain fixed to this day. One of Gru’s lovable and hardworking Minions was sadly destroyed during a fit of temporary group bloodlust. Drum was recovering from a broken butthole during the months preceding this album’s recording. No, seriously! He’s fine now though. Strong and solid; a good boy.

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