Collection: Home Movies

“Why keep singing if the song is dead?” Home Movies singer Dominic Padilla prods the listener in the closing track to their second LP Weightless. The 5-piece indie/punk band hailing from Los Angeles, CA has been making waves since their inception in 2011, and their songs are very much alive and well. Touring constantly and consistently, Home Movies have made a name for themselves through their rugged tour schedule and relentless love for the road.
Dominic says, “We’ve made it a point to be honest and true to ourselves during the tenure of this band and we will continue to do what we do regardless of what the trends are.” Dominic continues, “If we’re about one thing…it’s solidarity.” Dominic’s honesty comes across perfectly on songs such as the guitar and vocal ballad “Dust You Off” or the emphatic closer “Sinking Feeling.”
Their latest release Weightless is a re-mastered version of their first EP Weight with 3 bonus songs. Home Movies are equally for fans of Polar Bear Club and Citizen as they are for Hot Water Music and The Loved Ones. Aggressively beautiful vocals sung over churning guitars and pulse-pounding drums, a mish-mash of late 90’s punk and newer style emo-punk sewn together into a patchwork quilt that can keep you warm on the coldest of nights.
Formerly Stanley And The Search