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Arrows Over Athens

Myths, Monsters & The Maker

Arrows Over Athens - "Myths, Monsters & The Maker"

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The newest EP by Arrows Over Athens is leaps and bounds above anything else they have ever done. Refining what already is their unique dual vocal attack, Randy Burlingame and Michelle Herrick up the ante on Myths, Monsters,and The Maker. Fans and bands alike, be sure to take notice, as AOA has just raised the bar for edgy Punk-pop.

Produced & Mixed at Zing Recording Studios by: Jim Fogarty
Additional editing by: Maddy Mazza and Randy Burlingame


  1. Thirty Years' Peace
  2. Give Me Somewhere To Stand
  3. Atlas
  4. And I Will Move The Earth
  5. Eros & The Vulcan
  6. Marathon 490 B.C (Times Have Changed)
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