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Take This To Heart Records

Arrows Over Athens

The Atlas EP: As These Roots Grow

Arrows Over Athens - "The Atlas EP: As These Roots Grow" Digital

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Compiling their first two releases As These Roots Grow and The Atlas EP onto one disc made the most sense for us here at Take This To Heart Records. We’re proud to have Arrows Over Athens’ first batch of tunes etched on our tombstone as T3H-001.

For Fans Of- Paramore, Boys Night Out, Bayside


  1. Atlas
  2. Truth Be Told
  3. Oh, We Tried (But, We Can't Change Fate)
  4. Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
  5. Torn In Two
  6. This Is Who We Are
  7. Ice World
  8. Must Be Dreaming
  9. Always
  10. Echoes
  11. Never Gonna Give You Up
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