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Bad Luck.

Summer Of Pain

Bad Luck. - "Summer Of Pain"

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12" / CD / Digital

Released: July 9th, 2021

After spending the better part of a decade honing their craft, Bad Luck.presents the best version of themselves to date with Summer of Pain. The twelve-song collection serves as a bridge between childhood ambition and adult realism by exploring the underlying tension of romanticism in our modern world. It's a record about love and sadness that aspires to give listeners a much-needed reality check. Bad Luck. wants to pull you into the present and make you fully aware of your existence. 

"We want our being, presence, and band to be socially active," says co-founder Dominick Fox. We want people to know who we are, where we're from, and what we stand for, all of which is laid out in this album."

Stories of heartache, growth, setbacks, and personal triumphs comprise much of the material found on Summer of Pain. The members of Bad Luck. — Dominick Fox, Joe Fox, Charlie Caruso, and Michael Sichel — are documenting the journey of life as it unfolds. The songs do not reflect the beginning of an adventure nor fixate on endings. It's about the messy parts in the middle. Their music is a form of meditation where the members fiercely focus on the work between them and the people they hope to become. It's a document of progress, or lack thereof, told as truthfully as possible.

As Summer of Pain grapples with the difficult task of self-analysis, Bad Luck. delivers accessible punk music that pulls from blends of Northeastern cynicism with the pop-influenced optimism. The band understands that being alive is a gift. Even if everything you have right now falls apart and you find yourself forced to start over again and again, Bad Luck. knows that it is better to experience all that life has to offer than to live a life of quiet desperation. Summer of Pain is their way of making sure those entangled in the struggle know that they are not alone. Times may be bad right now, but the seasons will change, and so will you.


  1. Favorite Smile
  2. ROY
  3. Top Drawer
  4. Gwendolyn
  5. The Plan Is No Plan
  6. Way It Goes
  7. Frequent
  8. Required Thinking
  9. IDC
  10. High Pick
  11. You're Cool
  12. Deja Voodoo Doll

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