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Barely Civil

I'd Say I'm Not Fine

Barely Civil - "I'd Say I'm Not Fine"

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12" / Digital 

"I’d Say I'm Not Fine," is Barely Civil’s amalgamation of the rage, pain, and self-framing that came in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Bitter at times, hopeful and direct in others, this album is a conscious attempt to answer the questions presented in the band's debut and sophomore installments.

Produced & Mixed by Chris Teti (The World Is…, Fiddlehead, Anxious)


1. I’d Say I’m…
2. Floating Again
3. Coasting, Mostly
4. Shifting Blame
5. Not Fine
6. Better Now
7. Dwindling
8. Finding Time
9. Invading Space
10. Closing Doors

    Pressing Information:

    First Press:
    200: Bone w/ Orange, Purple, Yellow Splatter
    300: Color In Color (Clear + Baby Blue)

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