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Better Off

Better Off

Better Off - "Better Off"

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Formed in 2010, Better Off has been wildly draft as a touring act and in the studio, logging three LPs and a debut EP (the latter as their old name, Friends). After the sleeper release turned overwhelming fan favorite Reap What You Sow in 2019, demand necessitated the release of a follow up in their latest LP ‘Better Off’, available on September 24, 2021. The Nashville band’s new effort represents a huge leap forward– from the opening notes, It’s hard to imagine a crew more focused, melodic and searing, Conjuring golden era indie, classic punk, alternative, pop and emo references that rely on big guitars and even bigger hooks, the band confidently delivers melodic hook after melodic hook.

With a writing style akin to post-hardcore/alternative rock legend Walter Schriefels, Better Off conjures melancholic Title Flight-esque nostalgia, Minus the Bear guitar acrobatics and sentimentality, all with the big bang pop approach of 00s Cursive, Built to Spill or Death Cab for Cutie, Rife with angst and heartache, rich with naked emotional wordplay and with the raw riffs to match, the upcoming album is utterly undeniable– not to mention a well-thought out, mature and expertly executed effort, a career highlight for the band, and an unqualified success.


1. Politician
2. No Drama
3. Unreal
4. Why
5. Like A Star
6. Listen
7. Fast One
8. Life Is A Dream
9. Slow One

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20: Test Presses
150: Color in Color (Magenta / Coke Bottle Clear)
350: 3 Color A Side / B Side (Magenta, Sky Blue, Black)
500: Aqua

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