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Take This To Heart Records

No Tide

Death Of The Sun

No Tide - "Death Of The Sun"

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12" / CD / Digital

Released: September 8th, 2016

“We're all so small in this universe; we may go our whole lives without one star in our galaxy dying.”- Will Conner (Singer/Guitarist)

The Lincoln, Nebraska indie/punk band No Tide isn’t shy about telling you what their music means to them and that they are extremely appreciative for anyone who will listen. "Death Of The Sun is about being grateful”, says Conner. “Getting to do the things you're passionate about in life doesn't always come easy.”

Their debut full length and third release with label Take This To Heart Records, Death Of The Sun is an 11-song joyride through the world of alternative/punk. With their stellar opening track "Empty Handed" setting the pace and overall tone of the record with upbeat and intricate drumming mixed with churning guitars and melodies that are crisp and to the point.

Songs like "Sunday Morning" and "Night Cap" showcase the bands lyrical content and story telling ability with lines like “Follow the tracks, that lead the way through the dirt, and pray the rain don’t wash away the path that keeps us hoping and knowing, we’re going somewhere more sincere”.

For the production of the record No Tide enlisted the services of producer Jay Maas (Defeater, Polar Bear Club, Transit) and headed to Getaway Studios in Boston, MA to record Death Of The Sun over the course of two weeks where they fined tuned their songs with Maas.


  1. Empty Handed
  2. Heckler
  3. Inverted
  4. Sunday Morning
  5. Calling Cards
  6. Night Cap
  7. Through the Cracks
  8. Delusions of Grandeur
  9. Daylight Savings
  10. Powers that Be
  11. Blood Oath

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200: Black
100: Red (Opaque)

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