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Perhaps I Suppose

Rufio - "Perhaps I Suppose"

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The 2001 debut full length "Perhaps I Suppose" from scene stalwart's Rufio is back on vinyl!


  1. Above Me
  2. Still
  3. One Slowdance
  4. In My Eyes
  5. She Cries
  6. Dipshit
  7. Just A Memory
  8. Face The Truth
  9. Raining In September
  10. Road To Recovery
  11. Stop Whining
  12. Selfishness
  13. Tears
  14. Save The World
  15. The Wrath

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
475: Bangarang (Trans. Red with Black Swirl)
300: Above Me (GGR Opaque Powder Blue Mix)
200: In My Eyes (Natural with Metallic Gold and Red Splatter)
25: Stop Whining Wax Mage (Custom Color Configuration)

Second Pressing:
25: Wax Mage
100: OG Random Splatter
375: Trans. Orange w/ Black Swirl
500: Creamsicle

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