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Saves The Day

In Reverie

Saves The Day - "In Reverie"

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Saves The Day In Reverie second pressing. Celebrating the 20th anniversary with 3 new variants. This is our final pressing of the album. 


1. Anywhere With You
2. What Went Wrong
3. Driving In The Dark
4. Rise
5. In Reverie
6. Morning In The Moonlight
7. Monkey
8. In My Waking Life
9. She
10. Where Are You
11. Wednesday The Third
12. Tomorrow Too Late

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
200: Morning In The Moonlight: Light Blue w/ Aqua & Magenta Splatter
300: In Reverie: White w/ Black & Baby Blue Splatter
500: Waking Life: Color in Color - Tangerine + Light Blue

Second Pressing:
250: Color In Color (Baby Blue in Orange Crush)
750: Orange Crush w/ Tangerine & Baby Blue Heavy Splatter
1000: Half Light Blue / Half Orange Crush

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