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"With Love,"Logo T-Shirt

Snarls - "With Love," Logo T-Shirt

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Snarls - "With Love," Logo T-Shirt 

What becomes immediately apparent on the first listen of Snarls’ new LP “With Love,”  is its urgency. Snarls doesn’t pull their punches teaming with Walla to create a lavish soundscape production that balances high-powered guitars with ethereal vocal harmonies to construct a sound uniquely their own. Do yourself a favor and listen with headphones. 

While “With Love,” mostly wades in the waters of indie pop, the album sometimes dips its toes in the deep end of a heavier alternative rock vibe. Their single “Heavy Drinker” utilizes concise pop song writing, big hooks, and fuzzy riffs, while exploding into the triumphant “Oh Yea, Oh Yea, Oh Yea” emphatic chorus. “Driving Faster” tones it back with minimal percussion and acoustic guitars that create a lush landscape of sounds while singer Chlo White beckons “driving faster, will you race me?” as she ushers to her lover to meet up with her as soon as possible. What encapsulates this album so beautifully is their near 8 minute closing track “Ur Song / Lovers Of Valdaro”, which would feel right at home on a Death Cab album.

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