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Dig Up A Miracle

Sundressed - "Dig Up A Miracle"

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12" / CD / Digital

Released: April 7th, 2015

Sometimes it takes tragedy to create beauty. 6 years ago Sundressed singer/guitarist Trevor Hedges was dead to rights on a bed in an Arizona hospital. Addiction, at any time, can take down the strongest of people.

Trevor‘s struggles with addiction are detailed vividly in their new album Dig Up A Miracle. He states, “This release is a culmination of a journey to find the Sundressed sound that came to fruition with Garrett Tretta (drums), Forest Waldorf (Guitar) and Evan Kees (Bass). Lyrically it deals with continuing the struggle of living a sober life despite a rough past of addiction, while finding hope and passion for life.” For most people music is an outlet, for Trevor it’s an integral part of his life. “Music has been vital to my sobriety and hope anyone who struggles with any kind of life altering malady can find hope in our songs.”


  1. The Dirt
  2. Curve Ball
  3. Dig Up A Miracle
  4. Moving Out
  5. Naked
  6. Best Of, Worst Of (Bonus Track)

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First Press:
200: Half White/Half Sea Blue w/ Baby Blue Splatter
200: Easter Yellow
100: Deep Purple

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