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Swordfish - "Rodia"

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Rodia takes cues from the beautiful guitar licks of American Football, the vocal urgency of Sorority Noise and the instant gratification of Joyce Manor, all while elegantly incorporating trumpet throughout each well-crafted song. The eight tracks work together to bring the musings of anxious and heartbroken adolescents to a broader scale.

Rodia was recorded by Nick Diener (Swellers) at Oneder Studios and mastered by Cam Boucher (Sorority Noise) and is out now on CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records


  1. Favorite Clothes
  2. Social Drinker
  3. Trenton Garage
  4. Wash
  5. I'm Okay (x3)
  6. Dentistry
  7. Ghost Song
  8. Owen
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