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The Other Stars

The Day We Met

The Other Stars - "The Day We Met"

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You’ve heard the story. Band writes amazing album, stuff doesn’t go well, band breaks up, either no one hears the album or there becomes this really crazy cult following around that album. We're hoping this story becomes the later. 
The Other Stars made a statement behind their current hiatus and singer/guitarist Connor Bird even started his own non-profit to make sure people can be more aware and not be scared to take action about their own health.  
That brings us to the album at hand. The Other Stars (possibly swan song) new album is entitled The Day We Met, fittingly enough the day that some people get to hear this stellar band may be the last. The words that begin the album in the aptly named song "Everyone I Know" are "I watched you walk away", possibly eerily signifying what was/is to come. On TDWMyou get hit in the face with songs like "Castle Hill" and "Future Distant History" while the band also shows they can strip things down with intimate acoustic songs like on their epic album closer "Wasted". If you already miss bands like Piebald and Modern Baseball, this album is going to fill your void, but sadly, you may already start missing The Other Stars.


  1. Everyone I Know
  2. Future Distant History
  3. Fragile!
  4. Flood
  5. The Day We Met
  6. Castle Hill
  7. Mr. Boston
  8. Wasted
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