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Traditions - "Cycles"

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12" / CD / Digital

Released: March 11th, 2014

Cycles is the debut EP from indie/pop-punk band Traditions. Their aggressive style of nuanced pop-punk is reminiscent of bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, and The Swellers. Up tempo, guitar driven, pulse pounding riffs generate the basis of these claims along with their thought provoking storytelling lyrics that tend to paint pictures upon pictures in your head that is already thoroughly bobbing.

Engineered, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Jim Fogarty at Zing Studios in Westfield, MA. Additional Production by Joe Urban. Additional Editing by Randy Burlingame & Frank Baron.


  1. Ten Days
  2. Progression Regression
  3. Debt Of A Son
  4. Polarity
  5. Eyes Of A Man

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100: Solid White
200: Solid Yellow
200: Coke Bottle Clear

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